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Specters in Doorways- Revisited: Utah’s Mansions, Hotels, Churches, Schools and Mills
(Paperback, 2009)

Away from the Fold – Vol. 1: An Encyclopedia of Utah Performers, Stage Through Early Silents, 1850-1920
(Paperback, 2013)

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Nurturing Unique Kids: A Practical Guide for Intuitive Children, Families & Adults
(Paperback, 2011)

Lost Landscapes
Lost Landscapes: Utah’s Ghosts, Mysterious Creatures, and Aliens
(Paperback, 2007)

Away from the Fold
Vol. II: An Encylopedia of Utah Performers, Silents to Talkies, 1920-1950
(Paperback, 2014)

Arc of the Moonbow: Love Notes
(Coming 2018)
Restless Spirits: Utah’s Small Town Ghosts
(Paperback, 2010)

Away From The Fold: Volume III
Away From the Fold Vol. III: An Encyclopedia of Utah Performers, Technicolors to Television, 1950-1970
(Paperback, 2015)

Ghost Lights: Utah Theatres & Other Entertaining Haunts
(Paperback, 2012)

Utah Territory Tales: Unsung Heroes & Heroines
(Coming 2018)
Phantoms in Lantern Light
Phantoms in Lantern Light
(Paperback, 2015)

The Lure of the Sea, Edited & Annotated by Linda Dunning
(Coming 2017)
Shadows In Mormon Country
Shadows in Mormon Country: Haunted Forts & Massacre Sites
(Paperback, 2017)


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