About Linda Dunning


A retired school teacher with a B.A. degree in elementary education, a Master’s in Special Linda Dunning as a ChildEducation and certifications in Severely Multi-handicapped, Moderately Handicapped, Visually Impaired and Gifted, Linda Dunning taught the severely handicapped for 12 years, spent 13 years in Resource and 11 additional years with gifted and talented elementary school students. Over the years, she presented workshops on non-verbal communication, behavior management and working with severely handicapped/autistic children in various western states to various facilities. Dealing with her own learning disabilities or what they called “twice-exceptionally gifted,” helped her to understand her own students no matter what classroom of children she was teaching at the time.

Gaining an interest in the creative arts as an art major and later an interest in holistic and metaphysical subjects through dealing with various chronic ailments, she began to seek out her own “basket” of things that worked for her own health. Studying Educational Kinesiology or Edu-K and Brain Gym, Touch for Health, Breama Balance and Tai Chi, she began to understand the child she once was and the one that sat in an apple tree studying the night skies. She also found her own abilities as a counselor and intuitive, combining the experiences as a teacher and intuitive visualizations to help others seeking themselves. For 25 years she has counseled people intuitively and spiritually, as well as teaching various workshops and classes on meditation, color healing, sound healing, discovering one’s own intuitive nature and abilities, while also opening up an avenue for many others to teach what they know and wish to share.

She published her first poem at 14 and never stopped writing after that, graduating from poetry to short stories to books. After winning several awards in the Utah Arts Council Original Writing Competition for short story (1980), second place non-fiction (1992), and first place non-fiction (1995), she changed her direction from fiction to memoir and non-fiction, publishing her first book in 2003. She has several unpublished memoirs and novels from earlier days but her Utah History & Haunting Series contains five books, four of which have been published so far: Specters in Doorways 2003, Lost Landscapes 2007, Specters in Doorways Revisited 2009, Restless Spirits 2010, Ghost Lights 2012 and the forthcoming Phantoms in Lantern Light.  In 2013, Nurturing Unique Kids: A Practical Guide for Intuitive Children, Families & Adults was released and it is a reference book containing information gathered from many experts in many fields covering learning styles, giftedness, creativity, intuition information and research from all over the world concerning children and many, many activities for these various untaught and unattended to subjects in public schools.

The three volume set of Away From The Fold: An Encyclopedia of Utah Performers – Volume I 1850-1920, Volume II 1920-1950, and Volume III 1950-1970, after 25 years of research and traveling around the state to gather this information, has just been completed. We are in the process of finding a publisher after editing and researching the life of a Scottish sea captain’s adventures on the high seas during the clipper to steam ship era, and his loss of children on a Utah Lake boating accident in 1911. He lived the second half of his life in Utah becoming a “landlubber” but was still a wanderer as a traveling salesman across the United States. This book was named The Lure of the Sea and follows this man from Scotland and England to New York and New Jersey to Payson and Salt Lake City, Utah. His descendants have entrusted me with this amazing tale!

Dunning will be releasing the sixth book in her History & Hauntings series about Utah in September 2016 entitled Shadows In Mormon Country: Utah’s Haunted Forts & Massacre Sites  which is filled with mysteries, haunts and controversial research materials especially in regards to the numbers of children who remained in Utah after the Mountain Meadows Massacre and what happened to them. It also chronicles the evolution of the Bear River Massacre and many smaller massacres all over the Utah Territory as more and more people have become aware of these tragedies. There are also some very interesting early fort stories that have morphed into unbelievable ghost stories over the years.

Next year she will be releasing Utah Territory Tales: Unsung Heroes & Heroines of the Early Days which is stories of the true heroes and heroines of early incidents and events who are rarely mentioned or given due for the major part they played in early Utah history be they Mormon, gentile or apostate. Most interesting to her were the real heroes of the handcart tragedy who seem to have been forgotten or the true heroes: saints, gentiles, apostates, members and non-members and all the others who stood up for the right thing to do when peer pressure in those days meant loss of property, shunning, head injuries and possible death sentences. These people were the true heroes often forgotten by history and time.

Dunning is presently working on Arc of the Moonbow which like her other books is both fiction and non-fiction. It is an allegorical fantasy science fiction tale interspersed with biographical and folklore-mythological information from all around the world. It is about the life of an intuitive, which is rarely chronological but rather unfolds in a synchronistic fashion. This fantasy tale interweaves itself into and around a life lived in the spiritual-ethereal  world as well as the physical one. She was lucky enough to find a great illustrator who worked intuitively and with great skill on this task of bringing to life a world that may or may not exist out there somewhere in this vast cosmos.