About Linda Dunning


Linda Dunning as a Child

Linda Dunning has been writing since junior high when she published her first poem.  Gaining a BA in Elementary Education and a Masters in Special Education with two year long certifications after this in Visually Impaired and Gifted & Talented, she continued writing when she could. Working with the most severely handicapped deaf-blind children, then with low income resource children and finally with gifted and talented students she completed a 36 year teaching career. With a minor in art and communication she wrote and published poetry for about ten years and then won a state contest for a short story she wrote and was encouraged to switch to short stories by the judge, author Tillie Olsen. After writing two books of short stories she attempted a couple of novels and then switched to research writing for many years before trying fiction again. She won several awards from the Annual Utah Original Writing Competition from first place to third place with both short stories and non-fiction competing with 200 or more other writers before publishing her first book in 2003. After publishing with three different small press publishers she began publishing on her own which was certainly more lucrative!

She eventually gained an interest in New Age subjects, especially after a spiritual crisis with her health. When she reached the end of the medical world, then the end to the herbal remedies world, she began gathering her own basket of external remedies that worked quite well for her various chronic ailments. Eventually she gained certifications in Educational Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Breema Balance and Tai Chi, long before the Reiki and Mindfulness fads came along. For the last ten years she has been teaching classes in Energy healing and Meditation while slowly becoming aware of her psychic abilities all through this time. Her life coaching skills were gained from her teaching years and her natural diagnosis and energy healing skills she probably inherited from her ancestors. So for 25 years now, she has been doing readings, in-house and distance healings based on the Tibetan Tonglen methods and all the many other methods and techniques she learned over the years. Meditation was her pathway to pain free days and nights and also to several spiritual awakenings and she has taught Meditation for the last six years to others.

Dunning’s non-fiction work consists of a six-part set of books entitled History & Hauntings which are historically researched with ghost and other strange phenomena stories concerning various  themes and all of them are about Utah: Lost Landscapes, 2007, Specters in Doorways, 2009; Restless Spirits, 2010; Ghost Lights, 2012; Phantoms in Lantern Light, 2015 and Shadows in Mormon Country, 2016. She has also published a three-part book set of biographies of those who left Utah for Broadway and Hollywood. After 25 years of researching and visiting all over the state these volumes were published in 2013, 2014, and 2015. In 2013 she paused to write about what she couldn’t do for those unique children, or did do anyway, to help them survive the school system entitled A Practical Guide for Intuitive Children, Families and Adults which is a compilation of resource materials from all over the world concerning the education of gifted, creative, unique and especially intuitive children combined with her own knowledge and personal experiences having been both learning disabled and ridiculously and over the top intuitive!

At present Dunning has edited the memoirs of Captain Edwin G. Brown who sailed around the world seven times for just under twenty years going from cabin boy to Captain of his own merchant ships and watched the changes from clipper ships to steamships in the bargain. With an introduction, a 263 page manuscript, a brief biography, chronological newspaper articles about the Utah Lake drownings, historical information about the various eras and locations as well as a short dictionary of nautical terms from the book, this is an exciting find. This manuscript lay in a basement cardboard box for at least 80 years, chronicling a time from the 1860s and into the early 20th Century, which a friend gave me to read setting me on a surprising journey of discovery. This will be the next book out, using the title the Captain created The Lure of the Sea. This book will be on sale in 2018.

I am presently working on the Arc of the Moon Bow which is an allegorical Fantasy/Sci-Fi tale of two immortals journeying through a spiritual multi-dimensional world. Sandwiched between this are various informative lessons on the nature of love from its lowest to highest forms, while living as an intuitive in a  physical world fraught with prismatically broken humans many of whom live each day in a cultural trance. These lessons consist of my own personal experiences as an intuitive, other’s experiences, information on taking the spiritual path and examining the nature of the forces of love. With beautiful and creative drawings by Heather Keyser in front of each section the reader is led through worlds perhaps unknown to them or hidden deeply within their psyches as sometimes seen in waking or sleeping dreams. The invisible and unexplainable that exists all around us is held within the sacred symbols found in this book.